Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders

We design and manufature hydraulic cylinders in small- and medium-size series according to customer- and project-specific requirements. Here we cover the complete process from the compilation of the specifcation sheet to serial production. Focus of our scope are hydraulic cylinders apart of standard specifications, for example telescopic cylinders, levelling cylinders and cylinders with stroke measurement system.

Customer- and application-specific solutions are the focus of our range of products. We design and produce single-acting and double-acting cylinders, synchronizing cylinders, telescopic cylinders and master-slave cylinder combinations with a piston diameter up to 125mm and stroke up to 1.200mm.

On customer request these cylinders are equipped with different features as position measuring system, fixed or adjustable end-cushioning, locking systems (releasable by mechanical, hydraulic or electrical activation), with integrated valves or sensors. Pneumatic cylinders of different type and configuration complete our range of products.